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There are many treatments for chronic pain. Some are more effective than others, and some have much more evidence behind them than others. The problem is that what has been plastered through the media is often incorrect. Even peak bodies have published information based on junk science.

So here we provide information on the current recommended treatments and link to studies that support or dispute their effectiveness. Not every treatment that claims to be “evidence-based” stands up to scrutiny. Find out the facts, the evidence, the science.

Pain Neuroscience Education

Health care guidelines all around the world agree that good pain education is key. There are many pain management programs that put education strategies at the core of their program, often insisting that potential participants complete an online or group education program BEFORE being able to consult with a pain management specialist.

But does the science support pain neuroscience education? Does it deserve this revered “one therapy to rule them all” reputation?.

What does the science say?