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Study: Appropriate and responsible use of opioids in chronic non-cancer pain

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In 2012 a group of distinguished pain clinicians from nine European countries got together to discuss the appropriate use of strong opioids for chronic non-cancer pain.  These people are all at the top of their field and their conclusions and recommendations are drawn from vast clinical experience. That is ‘real world’ experience from caring for actual patients.  

All agreed that while treating chronic noncancer pain with opioids was not without risk, some patients for whom all other therapies have failed can be safely and effectively treated with strong opioids. These patients experience reduced pain and improved quality of life where no other therapy delivers these benefits.  Only a minority of patients will qualify, but strong opioids must not be denied these patients and guidelines should reflect such.

Harald Breivik

Study published: 09 January 2012

Information courtesy of Kev James, Chronic Pain Patient Advocate. LinkedIn

Read the full study here

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