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Opioids for post-op Pain should be “Best Practice”, NOT a last resort

opioid pain medications

The following American Article talks about promising non-opioid treatments on the horizon for chronic pain, however, of particular note the Author highlights the following: “We now believe that aggressive, appropriate treatment of acute pain after surgery may prevent persistent postoperative chronic pain.”

Why has this trend of “undertreatment” only been noticed & reported in relatively recent times? Perhaps the probability of developing chronic pain can be massively reduced IF pain is addressed early on, rather than left until it is too late?

In other words, the effective use of low dose opioids for post-operative pain when warranted [in those who DO NOT have a history of Opioid Use Disorder etc], should be “Best Practice”, instead of a last resort?

Kevin R James
Author: Kevin R James

Chronic Pan Patient Advocate and Writer. Medically Retired RN [B.Nurs.]

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