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Explain Pain cited evidence – ref#8

Reconceptualising pain according to its underlying biology

Moseley, G.L. (2007), Physical Therapy Reviews 12: 169-178.

This is the BEST one yet!  Flat out couldn’t find this study anywhere. Google has let me down!  Even Google scholar is bereft of answers.  Nothing but studies citing this study.  It exists only in theory, but not in practice.   It exists only as a reference that leads to nowhere…citing into the void.

I’m gob-smacked! 

I guess it’s fair to say, since it doesn’t actually exist, that this does not constitute any form of evidence.  

So now we’re zero for eight.  I’ve checked eight of the twelve references that are supposed to prove that Explain Pain effectively reduces or even completely eliminates pain.  And so far?  ZERO out of eight provide evidence.

Of course, this could be my error. I do not have a degree in Google, let alone a PhD.  Therefore, it could well exist, but I couldn’t find it.  Just like “chronic pain” when doctors can’t find a reason for it. A reason could well exist, they just don’t know how to find it. Let’s just say I tried at least as hard to find this, as most health professionals try to find a medical/structural/biological cause for chronic pain. About five minutes. Why? Because Dr Moseley has so effectively brainwashed health professionals into believing that chronic pain is psychosocial, they don’t bother looking very hard anymore.

And THAT’s why I have a problem with Explain Pain. Well, that’s ONE of the reasons I have a problem with Explain Pain. There are more. Many more.

Point is, if you’re going to cite something as evidence, you should probably make sure that it is accessible. Or at least exists.

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