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Explain Pain cited evidence – ref#7

Painful Yarns. Metaphors and stories to help understand the biology of pain

Moseley, G.L. (2007), Canberra, Dancing Giraffe Press.

You have got to be kidding me. This is a book, written by Moseley, documenting the various metaphors he uses to “Explain Pain”.

This is what NOIGroup says about it:

“Professor Lorimer Moseley, Painful Yarns provides pain education for both patients and health professionals and is based on the idea that when you understand pain you will hurt less. Yarns are sourced from Lorimer’s travels in outback Australia and beyond, and the fascinating people he meets along the way.”

This is NOT evidence. This is advertising.

Lorimer Moseley repeats this idea, over and over.  “When you understand pain you will hurt less”. I’ve heard him say this in podcasts, on youtube, in seminars nd webinars, but there is NOT ONE SHRED OF EVIDENCE THAT THIS IS TRUE!

Dr Moseley is using the tried and true politicians’ method of ‘repeat it often enough and most people will believe you”.

There is NO evidence here.  Explain Pain is the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on people living with severe, daily pain.   And this book is just documentig how Lorimer Moseley did it; repeat your (untrue) statement often, and make people laugh, and they won’t question the evidence. Or realise there is NO evidence.

Oh, by the way, the book costs $25, or that’s the cheapest I could find it.

It’s a best seller, so Dr Moseley has done very well out of this. Entertaining people is a laudable goal, but to dress it up as proven science, is just appalling.

Author: PsychosomaticAddict

Chronic Pain Patient Advocate. Pain Coach. Patient. Living with High Impact Chronic Pain and advocating for proper pain treatment, including opioids where appropriate. Busting the myths. Exposing the actual science.

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