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Public awareness campaign

The goal of this project is to create a public awareness campaign on social media to improve public awareness of chronic pain and opioids.

Chronic pain has a PR problem.  Few people understand or even believe that pain can be chronic and severe.  Most believe opioids are “bad drugs” with no therapeutic value.

There is only ONE narrative in the media, that of the person who became addicted to their pain medications.  The thousands who use opioids safely and effectively to improve their quality of life are not represented.  We are going to tell our story, the chronic pain patient’s story.

We are creating a range of animated videos and a youtube channel to provide evidence-based information on :

  1. Chronic pain information
  2. Multidisciplinary pain management, including the use of opioids
  3. Facts on opioids, from evidence based scientific studies, including the true rates of addiction and harm (very low in the chronic pain population)

These videos will be short and sharable and include references to the studies and evidence.


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